Airports, Airplanes, and a Hostel in Shanghai

16 Sep

They say “it’s important to learn something new everyday”. I can safely say that travelling to the other side of the world helps me to live according to the adage! Since leaving Minneapolis on August 30th, I’ve gathered quite a few insights. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share them (and pictures!) here.

Enriching/Amusing Life Lessons:

  1. Never buy a sandwich at the LA Airport. In fact, avoid buying any food whatsoever there. Price = High, Quality = Low. I would prefer it the other way around.
  2. There are three things that might happen on your jumbo flight filled with returning Chinese citizens: 1) The noodle meal option will sell out within 5 minutes. 2) Milk is the most popular in-flight beverage. 3) People LOVE duty free.
  3. On United Airline international flights to China, you get to watch as many movies as you want–and you get to select them yourself. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty surprised to find out that I could finally see The Intouchables, and while flying over the ocean, no less. 
  4. It gets dark in Shanghai at 6:15 pm right now.
  5. Taxi rides to and from the train/plane/metro stations can be digestively counteractive.
  6. While riding the metro system in Shanghai, you may eventually have to switch trains in order to stay on the same line (thank god for friendly strangers!).
  7. There’s nothing like hauling 135 pounds of luggage up 4 flights of stairs to prepare you to sleep off that jet lag.
  8. Never buy a meal on the Shanghai to Hangzhou High-Speed Train. Brown eggs and pork fat atop a bed of black, eviscerated collard greens–yum!
  9. Shanghai is awesome: street food, tree-lined roads, bizarre-o European architectural accents… yes please.
  10. Hostels here are much cheaper than in Europe, and can be surprisingly pleasant (see below).
  11.  Do not expect anyone to speak English.

Our Hostel in Shanghai

Just Inside the Gate

The Pond

A View from the Outdoor Lounge

My Reflection

The Lobby

Complete with restaurant and bar, this hostel was perfect for a soft transition. Water: 30 cents, Steaming plate of dumplings: $2.50, American Coffee: $4.

Our Bedroom: View from the Door

What am I thinking right now? Thank GOD we made it–time to sleep.

Do tell.

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