15 Lies I Tell Myself for the Sake of Being an Adult

26 Mar

All my life there have been occasions when others have come down on me for being the “glass half empty” type. I’m sure many of you have felt the tinge of pain, embarrassment, or anger at being accused of perceiving the world in the wrong light. No doubt you’ve also had a moment where you’re disappointed with your own disappointment with life.

In order to cope with other people’s apparent distaste for me saying it the way it is, and my own inability to be a 100% natural, happy-go-lucky type, I’ve woven a rather intricate body of lies that I tell myself in order to act like an adult and carry on with life in accordance with the American Dream.

Some of the lies I Often Tell Myself:

  1. I love running – it feels so good.
  2. Reading the business section sure is useful.
  3. Being less judgmental makes me feel better.
  4. Eating healthy is easy to do–and it’s just as tasty as all those things I used to eat as a kid.
  5. I enjoy the time I spend on LinkedIn.
  6. Swearing less will show other people that I’m a professional.
  7. Wearing business casual isn’t so bad.
  8. Other people who are my same age and have children do not  terrify me.
  9. Networking isn’t so bad if you really bring it to the human level.
  10. Taxes are good, and I’m happy to pay them (democrats only).
  11. Smiling actually makes my life happier.
  12. Discussing business is a worthwhile way to spend time.
  13. If you just listen to car talk long enough, one of those “funny” moments everyone’s been talking about will finally happen/I’ll actually learn some information that’s useful for my car.
  14. Taking power naps really does the trick!
  15. A homemade lunch tastes better.

Do tell.

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