Sneak Peak Inside Channel 5 Studio (fantasy guest appearance by Ron Burgundy)

19 Sep

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying one of my favorite clients to a live filming of Twin Cities Live at the Channel 5 studio on University Avenue. It was the second time I’d been in the studio, but the first time I’d had the opportunity to catch a fortuitous glimpse of the time-capsule-esque basement lobby.

While waiting there for my client and her models (who were featured on the show to dispel the taboo of white after Labor Day) I couldn’t deny the amazingness of the reality that not a thing had been changed about waiting room for, at minimum, three decades.

I kept expecting Ron Burgundy to waltz into the space from around the corner with his polyester suit and schmoozy, crooning voice, and a raging, unrealized boner.

Behold (and swoon over) the original artwork:

When is the last time you saw a phone like this?! (and yes, the plant is fake)

This is where TV is made—and where TVs never die, apparently. Jesus, look—it has its own cubby!

A bit of reading material that’s been pleasing bathroom users for 39 years

(staring McKenzie Malanaphy’s foot)

Do tell.

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