How Grownups Spend Money: The 5 Best Things I Bought as an Adult

30 Aug


I’ve spent A LOT of money on useless, worthless, nonsensical trash in my day. But I like to image that I don’t stand alone in this, right? After all, we ARE Americans. However, instead of beating myself uselessly over the head for my irrational and irresponsible spending, I thought it might be helpful to share the 5 best purchases I’ve made in my adult life thus far.

  1. Espresso Machine: This may sound like an incredibly bourgeois purchase, but I found a trustworthy KRUPS at my favorite Goodwill on the corner of Fairview and University for a mere $7—and you can too. End the coffee shop monopoly on espresso! Power to the people.
  2. Kryptonite U-Lock: When I was a student in St. Paul, I and all of my belongings existed in a sort of bubble. However, when I parked my sleek Trek hybrid in the heart of downtown Minneapolis during Gay Pride Parade the summer after freshman year, that bubble dissolved into thin air, along with my bike. Don’t learn a lesson the hard way like I did.
  3. North Face Parka: Granted, these coats can be a staggering monetary investment. However, they’re worth it. I remember getting really heated last winter when I read an article in Metro magazine that announced the death of the parka. How could this be? I wondered for days. Obviously, none of the writers working on that winter fashion spread had ever spent a Minnesotan winter in a North Face Parka, I concluded. That, or they were all sadistic gluttons for icy punishment.
  4. Shoe Goo: If it weren’t for this stuff, I would have had to throw away pretty much every pair of shoes I own three years ago.
  5. Tea Cups and Saucers: Something about matching dishware is just so f*ing composed and adult-like it hurts—in a good way.

Insulted or bored with my top 5? Well, what are yours then?

2 Responses to “How Grownups Spend Money: The 5 Best Things I Bought as an Adult”

  1. Hilary Hannon August 30, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    1. A really good, big bed. I pretty much live in my bed. (Mine was actually purchased by my parents as a sort of gift, but still, my most necessary, expensive belonging.)

    2. Bruegger’s Mug Club Card. I paid $130 for this deal that gets me free beverages WHENEVER I WANT for a year. Also, it gets me different discounts and deals depending on the month or store. For the bagel addict I am it is one of the best investments I have ever made.

    3. North Face Parka. Ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto.

    4. Toyota Corolla. World’s fucking most reliable car ever. Reliable transportation means everything to me. (Also a gift from parents. At least until 2014 when my lease is up.)

    5. Boots. In the same vein as the parka but I also wear boots in the summer, spring and fall. Almost every pair of boots I have bought I end up wishing I had another pair (enter Shoo Goo for any and all repairs). Boots can be dress and flat or tall. Well made boots, (Vibram sole anyone?) will last forever and suit you for any occasion.

    Love, Hilary

  2. G August 30, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    1. Member’s Only Jacket. Because I earned it.
    2. The proper vaccinations.
    3. Cast-Iron Pan, for the perfect roast vegetable medley.
    4. Herb de Provence, to compliment that cast-iron flavor.
    5. Porsche 997 Carrera S sports car w/vanity plates.

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