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25 Jun

When’s the last time you took a walk down the children’s toy aisles at Target? Give it a try sometime soon, and you may be surprised at the pathetic options. A student of mine recently turned 8. Hoping to find something fun and creative, I took a walk through the toy section. And you know what I found? A bunch of slutty looking dolls (many of them Barbies) and cheapy, fakey costume jewelry and makeup kits. Barf!

Let’s take a look at a few of the Barbie fashions offered to today’s children:

If you’re interested in the troubled Taylor Momsen Look:

Or the classic American Denim Miniskirt:

Everyone knows that Female Doctors wear high heels and summer dresses!

Or how about this “Pony Doctor” Barbie? Come ON–Can’t we at least teach children the CORRECT terms (ahem…┬áveterinarian, anyone)?

And for those fashionistas out there, may I suggest the whole Barbie Fashionistas line:

If you buy your kid this sexy fur stole and miniskirt combo, you know what’s next.

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