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Five Spots You Should Know About in St. Paul

1 Jun

  1. Newell Park: Nestled in a quiet, adorable neighborhood up Fairview off of Univeristy, this park is my absolute favorite in the Twin Cities. If you’re in search of the perfect place to run around, picnic with friends, or indulge in a variety of unmentionables, this is the park for you. (See image)
  2. Como Conservatory: Yes, you probably know about Como, but when’s the last time you spent a day lollygagging among tropical flowers, trees, and bright orange and white carp? Bypass the depressing zoo scene, grab an old school sandwich up the street at Nelson Cheese & Deli and walk one of the park’s many paths or take a stroll around the lake (yeah—there’s a lake!). Como Park Map
  3. Mall of St. Paul: Unfortunately (but fortunately for us) this place often gets bypassed because its exterior doesn’t exactly do the orgasmic qualities of its interior, which is chalk-full of cloistered explosions of antiques and oddities, justice. The selection is expansive, the eras vary, and the prices are typically reasonable. Stop in for a new-to-you pair of vintage sunglasses, some hillbilly boots, a handkerchief, dress, necklace, or even vinyl. I once bought a friend a bolo tie that blew a few minds.
  4. Mancini’s: The legend of the Mancini family stretches back to the days when St. Paul’s Italian neighborhood was still thriving (along with its alleged gangsters). The steak, pickled vegetables, and garlic bread are good, but the real meat and potatoes of Mancini’s is actually found in the adjoining lounge, which is reminiscent of old Las Vegas and rife with people watching set to the tune of a live schmoozy band with accordion. Visit yelp.com to read how one particularly amusing patron likens the lounge’s characters to a game of bingo.
  5. The Blue Door: There’s been a lot of buzz around the cities as of late concerning Matt’s rather recent (and rather serious) Juicy Lucy contender. The blue door may not be the biggest cat on the block, but they sure know how to make a damn fine burger. So fine, in fact, that it’s worth driving to St. Paul to experience the atmosphere and killer menu for yourself—pop in to the Mall of St. Paul after lunch (it’s just down the street) to make a day of it.

Other possibilities:

The St. Paul Farmer’s Market (“Mears Park and a hot dog cart, hot dog cart” yum)

Nina’s Coffee Cafe (if you haven’t gotten to know the cathedral hill area yet, you’re in for a treat)

A Note to Neighborhood Snobs

26 May

Lately it seems as though I can’t attend a backyard bbq or catch a late night show without having to listen to some random punk rag on uptown (or St. Paul or wherever else) and glorify their beloved South or Northeast Minneapolis.

Now before you start getting your panties in a twist over the subject, let me clarify that I have no qualms with Northeast or South. I think that both neighborhoods are very nice and have a lot to offer all of us wild and outgoing young degenerates and hipster-types.

My issue, however, is with the people who feel the need to partition Minneapolis and the Twin Cities into different neighborhoods that either ARE or AREN’T “the shit”.

To the people who talk trash about everywhere else as they hoighty-toightily curl their barbershop mustaches and grease their chains in South/Northeast: YOU SUCK! I hope your beloved chrome bag buckle results in you being struck by lightening (“But it was cool though, dude, because it still didn’t break! Can you believe it?!”)

I mean, come on, what exactly is your problem with acknowledging the fact that there is more than one interesting neighborhood in the cities? You know what I think it is—and maybe I’m going out on a limb here—perhaps you’re insecure about your neighborhood? Maybe you secretly miss Uptown? You did live there for somewhere between 2 and 10 years, right?

To the people who hate on St. Paul: Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it”? Of course you have. Well, there’s a reason why people say this: it’s true!

I love St. Paul, and I can’t wait to see the whole place blow up in the next few years (Central Corridor, here we come!)

Enough of me ranting—what do YOU have to say about the Twin Cities neighborhood wars?

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