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The Origin – Nothing’s Sexier than a Math Love Poem

24 May

None know better than you and I
the story of lovers x and y.
Their meeting: the origin of all.
Coordinates blushed as lines grew tall.

As y stretched both up and down
x spread herself the whole world round.
Awaiting the dissection of infinite length
x prepared each quadrant, gathered strength.

Yes y did travel from far away,
but from his path he did not stray.
Though x had wandered left and right,
none could prevent that fated night.

They met at a place worth no more or less.
(0,0): A world born from nothingness.

Their entangled planes stretches on illimitless,
each integer an embrace, each slope a kiss.
The crisscrossing of axes forever created
a love exponential when calculated.


The Solution

12 May
All the world is unaware
and knows not what it does
and I, of course, am included

But no one said
there couldn't be truth
spoken by the most ignorant and blind
among us

This having been said
I will suggest one thing:
You'll always wonder about life
and yourself

No one can tell you what to do
or who to be

We cope by comparing and complaining
and jostling ourselves
and one another
Do you really feel better?

Therefore, I wish I could stop.
Stop taking everything
and everyone
so seriously

May 2011
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