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A Former Love Poem

7 Aug


He did profess his love for me
Two sheets were lined and small
Encased within an envelope
Were words the whole world tall

My eyes sat fixed with pleading stare
Upon the purest scroll
Despite the author’s clarity
I could not read the letters whole

They fell apart upon the ground
And there they laid to rest
Like a million ink-drawn pangs of guilt
Exploding from my chest


The Coming of Fall

24 Apr
The leaves began to turn today
Upon the soft bird's nest
The sky as pure as porcelain
Below the robin's chest

But why, oh why must berries hang
So vibrant and so warm
When to their touch and taste and song
My chest feels so forlorn

Shivering pleasure, oh such pleasure
Wavers winded on cool branches
What fools doth try to measure
While buried in heavy avalanches

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