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The Origin – Nothing’s Sexier than a Math Love Poem

24 May

None know better than you and I
the story of lovers x and y.
Their meeting: the origin of all.
Coordinates blushed as lines grew tall.

As y stretched both up and down
x spread herself the whole world round.
Awaiting the dissection of infinite length
x prepared each quadrant, gathered strength.

Yes y did travel from far away,
but from his path he did not stray.
Though x had wandered left and right,
none could prevent that fated night.

They met at a place worth no more or less.
(0,0): A world born from nothingness.

Their entangled planes stretches on illimitless,
each integer an embrace, each slope a kiss.
The crisscrossing of axes forever created
a love exponential when calculated.

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