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10 Things I Wish I’d Realized Before I Graduated

7 Jul

A friend recently equated my blog to “ranting about things.” This, I feel, probably rings true when it comes to parts of some of my posts. Admittedly, I find a unique and deep pleasure in making fun of what I view as the hipster generation’s (or boomerang generation, or recession grads, etc. – myself included!) myriad of ubiquitous and ridiculous obsessions, convictions, and trends.

But I can’t help but feel a little tinge of frustration at the thought of his remark. I feel like cultural writing, along with the whole slew of other types of writing I’ve posted on this blog, merits a little more acknowledgment than ‘my ranting.’ His comment only reinforced a lesson I’m still (miraculously) learning over and over and over again: there will always be criticism.

Admittedly, being in your mid-twenties is not a super glamorous time. The life stage seems to be rife with hurdles and curve balls and any other sort of sports analogies you can muster. I had a lot of preconceived notions about what it would be like to graduate and begin the next stage of my adult life. All of these expectations were challenged, of course.

In the spirit of saving anyone who hasn’t yet graduated a lot of heartache (and providing a forum for the commiseration of the rest of us—we still have each other, man!), I’ve compiled a list of the things that my counselor actually should’ve told me before I entered the big, tough world.

10 Things I Wish I’d Realized Before I Graduated

  1. No one cares about your GPA.
  2. No one really cares about what school you attended (sorry buddies, but unless you attended an Ivy League where daddy has got a legacy, of course, no one really gives two shits about it).
  3. Don’t expect to find a real job anytime soon (now I’m not sayin’ that it’s not possible, I’m sayin’ it’s not probable).
  4. Everyone in your life is going to be assailing you with one question: “What do you want to do now?” It’s going to suck, big time. My advice: makes something up. That, or avoid people.
  5. Volunteering probably won’t help you get a real job, but it feels really good.
  6. Sometimes the only way to help yourself out of a depression is to drag your ass off the couch and go for a run.
  7. Almost everyone moves back home—what counts is whether or not you ever leave again.
  8. No matter what the new job or project is, just say “yes, I can do that.” You wouldn’t believe the things you can learn on the internet.
  9. Never say “no” to an opportunity to make an idiot of yourself.
  10. With progress comes criticism. Respect the advice of others, but respect your own vision more. Pursue your interests regardless of the naysayers.

When it all comes down to it, life should be about following your interests and helping others to do the same. Sure, there’s a lot of insecurity (on everyone’s part), but at the end of the day you just gotta say Ima do my thing and tell anyone who says you shouldn’t to SHUT UP.

If you’ve got your own slap-in-the-face, post-grad reality-check examples, by all means, do tell!

And for all of you that are still feeling ho-hum: check out this CNN article to learn how to Think Yourself out of a Temporary Depression

Should I Pardon Rock the Garden?

22 Jun

While my crew of friends was chain smoking, and I was working on what would unfold to be the worst hangover of my life, I couldn’t help but make note of the staggering number of cute hipster babies mulling about in oversized noise-eliminating headphones. I was relieved to see that these children, like me, seemed to be having a ball staring at all of the strange people that I can apparently categorize as “Current fans.”

Ladies and gents, if you have not yet attended a Current-sponsored event, or Too Much Love (which, god willing, you have not known the likes of since the tender age of 18), I IMPLORE you to revisit the strange, ragtag, petri dish, zeitgeist of the scene! Oh, the joy of paying eight dollars for a lemonade, if only to pour cheap vodka in it on the sly as you watch a grandmother drop her visor next to a tatted-up Seward native who is absentmindedly ashing on top of a child’s poncho-caped head.

(Funny aside: I once during a visit to the Holocaust museum in D.C. had the pleasure of watching a person THROW UP in the poncho they were WEARING by ingeniously pulling the front skirt of it forward into an apron-like pouch)

Other Highlights of Rock the Garden:

  • Neko Case sucking it up (The Star Tribune even went so far as to suggest that the singer’s performance was ‘slumber-instilling’ and, adding insult to injury, complained that she “talked to much”)
  • A whole lot of people seeming very unenthused until the last act
  • A whole lot of people still seeming unenthused during the last act (they were apparently not as skilled at improvisational drinking)
  • Ubiquitous hippie/hipster-types REMOVING THEIR SHOES and spreading their toes among the garbage, mud, and unidentifiable clumps that constituted the Walker sculpture garden lawn. Hello—we’re STILL IN THE CITY, PEOPLE!
  • Mark and Annie Van Cleve scoring amazing (and free) VIP passes to the event which facilitated my personal consumption of much Summit and kobe burgers—hellllllsssss yeah!
  • Sunglass wearing at night

So, next year when the date’s approaching and you find yourself locked in the annual debate over whether or not to attend RTG (as the in-the-know are calling it), I’d suggest you just remember what you’ve learned today and GO FOR IT, BRO.

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