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Haikus – What’s Lost in Modern Writing

19 Jul

Poetry and Self-Hate

Before I began
to write this poem I knew
that I would hate it

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Words look beautiful
but flow disappointingly
in tight-knit typed rows

My Laptop

 Clicking keys replace
delicate angles of the wrist
with cluttered keyboards


Are the words still mine
when they are no longer in
my own handwriting

The Origin – Nothing’s Sexier than a Math Love Poem

24 May

None know better than you and I
the story of lovers x and y.
Their meeting: the origin of all.
Coordinates blushed as lines grew tall.

As y stretched both up and down
x spread herself the whole world round.
Awaiting the dissection of infinite length
x prepared each quadrant, gathered strength.

Yes y did travel from far away,
but from his path he did not stray.
Though x had wandered left and right,
none could prevent that fated night.

They met at a place worth no more or less.
(0,0): A world born from nothingness.

Their entangled planes stretches on illimitless,
each integer an embrace, each slope a kiss.
The crisscrossing of axes forever created
a love exponential when calculated.

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